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As some of you well know. I have plans to SUE Robert Porter on these two counts: BREACH OF CONTRACT and DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER which WE may appear on court tv shows: examples - Judge Judy, Judge Mathis.  In fact, I plan to contact these judges AMONG OTHERS before THIS YEAR goes out. I am not going to tell you the day but know I will OBEY MY MOTTO(Personal Quote) seen on this page.

Understanding by example:

This is a simple case of a current year High school football Quarterback who became a STATE CHAMPION. He works at a burger place as a cashier. A customer comes in asking for a cheeseburger with lettuce. Because he just won a Regional game, he has an attitude. He takes the money WITHOUT THANKING the customer. The QB then makes the customer WAITS. After the customer asked about the sandwich, the Highschooler tells the patron they must wait 6 more minutes. When the time pasts, he STILLS makes the buyer wait again. When the ANGRY customer(using profanity) threatens to go to the manager, the teen gives the paying guest a HAMBURGER.  The problem is the customer ASKED and PAID for a CHEESEburger with lettuce not a plain HAMburger. The client should get a refund. (WALE "attention deficit"  - mirrors<2nd verse>(*). describes this situation, I was playing Saints row the 3rd during the time period).

This is similar to what happened to me dealing with Robert Porter.

Clearing the AIR.

Lilith1324 made some interesting comments(?) on this page. First, I don't have delusions of grandeur(Though, I am confident in my ablilities). She also states I "shoot down someone else's genre or art form of choice" ON THIS SITE, WHEN?  I like it how she twisted my statements(It doesn't read like that).

Robert Porter states I have an obsession for "taking revenge on people" who "hate" on me. According to HIS words a hater that doesn't stoop on my standard of thinking. An incorrect statement. It's not the standard of thinking, it's THEIR evil intent and actions(EX. Why Robert Porter TRIED to charge ME $75 to expedite MY artwork when he NORMALLY charges $50 -see email on flickr & "MRS. PORTER do U C what I C?" photo on THIS SITE ).

On his "Not Worth The Trouble" blog on tumblr( it can also be seen on my CLIFFATHER FLICKR account folder ("Rob bing from the poor") he twisted my comment on this page. His comment states "don't men cosplay too"  This young one doesn't know about the art of cosplay during the EARLY YEARS.  MOST COSPLAYERS WERE WOMEN!  WashuuOtaku can VOUCHE for me on that one.   In fact, if it wasn't for me, my sibling and OTHER OTAKUs buying anime & manga in OUR TWENTIES,  Robert wouldn't be the artist he is TODAY!

He also states I am at war with SEGA(Funny, SEGA has me as their CONTACT on Flickr while I have them listed as FRIEND).   Alot of pictures I have on flickr that are not my characters or cosplaying pics are there because people on other pages had doubted me. I posted on Flickr to prove them WRONG.

Now, the subject Lilith1324 note about my hating on Electronic Arts, Inc.(EA) is incorrect.  Have I made a game on my own. No. Did EA STEAL one of MY IDEAS! YES!  Do you own or played "The Sims Medieval".   Well, goodness, how do you like MY GAME.  Of course, you don't believe me. Heh. Google my account.  Look at REVENGE Chapter 2 Maxis(final) and note the BLOG date.  What's the date of The Sims Medieval-3/22/11. Go to my gallery on the site and see the 2005 E-mail I sent to them.

But the reason I have beef with them is because of the console SIMS 3 Hairstyles pack. This dlc requires you to be ONLINE. It isn't noted on the file before you download it. If you are NOT ONLINE after you download the hairstyle pack, THE GAME BLOCKS YOU FROM PLAYING it(I contacted EA customer service about it).


I'm not a lawyer but I research things before I decided to sue Robert.

Do you know what BREACH OF CONTRACT is?

SIMPLE:  Breach of Contract is one or both parties in the contract cannot or will not FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS(Home Training/Elementary 101).

Robert Porter was given instruction in the two E-mails: "Commission" and "NOW, I"M MADDD, TOO!".   In the second E-mail, I told him I didn't like the horns and for Mr. Porter to change it(10/11/11).  He states in HIS BLOG, he will NOT CHANGE THE HORNS.  Now, what am I suppose to do.  He was PAID to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

WHAT REALLY HAPPEN ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2011.  Robert lies to everyone about our e-mails. I contacted Robert on NOVEMBER 2, 2011("Time's running out" e-mail).  This was to give him a chance to be truthful and to make sure he READ my "NOW, I"M MADDD, TOO!" e-mail.   THIS IS WHEN ROBERT TOLD HIS FOURTH LIE.  At midnight(EST) on 11/4/11, I sent Robert Porter the "Veterans' Day" E-mail.  It was an ULTIMATIUM. I had the right due to his LYING FOUR TIMES about his finishing date(The first one is on my FLICKR account title: Rob bing: delays without explainations - oh, I know you DON'T want to read it).  The "Veterans' Day" E-mail tells all his offenses and why I was getting PAYPAL involved.  And yes, I did say those things about him not being those artists because those words would be his ONLY DEFENSE in his argument against me with PAYPAL!(he left that out).

So what did the "HERO" Robert Porter do?

His responding E-mail with my title "Veterans day" dated for HIM 3NOV 2011 23:45:39 tells these words: "You can have a refund then."  HIS LAST WORDS on that E-mail were "So yeah, let's see how much game I'm playing with your money. I'LL GLADLY refund you". And my "Veterans Day II" e-mail stated I would ACCEPT the refund(The NEW CONTRACT). He didn't have ANY ARTWORK. NO FINISH ART, NO LINE ART, NOTHING!  He kills his case with my title e-mail "Veterans Day II" 11/04/11 2:57AM inwhich he CONFIRMED he refunded me.

When HE checked his account and found out he didn't have enough money, He sent me the 9:36 AM his "Look" e-mail  INSULTING ME!  I was late for work(I stayed up til 2:20AM) and was a hour and forty minutes late getting off from work(That's when I got the chance to read his "Veterans day II" & "Look" e-mails).

I sent him my "Veterans Day III" e-mail on Sunday Nov 6 2011, I told him I would not accept any ARTWORK because he was a CON ARTIST! Surprised! He didn't state that in his Blog or Twitter account.  I told him how his SCAM went and ALL I wanted was my money(He sent it, remember) and nothing else.  His next e-mail will surprised you because it said...NEXT JUDGE JUDY(Sorry, I'm saving that info).

We went back and forth Sunday and Monday then he sent his "Change of Plans" e-mail stating he would NOT REFUND ME and he was FORCING THE ARTWORK on me anyway.

Meaning, he had BREACH the CONTRACT twice!


He doesn't states in his "Not Worth The Trouble" blog on tumblr also seen on my FLICKR account folder:  ROB BING FROM THE POOR, I commission him for charity. The HOUSE OF MERCY is a local charity where I donate family members' clothes to them. The second charity was the VALLEY RESCUE MISSION.  I was hoping to give them CASH DONATIONS this year but this idea was scrap thanks to Robert Porter's lies.  If you wish to donate to them, please be my guest. Since people on this site and TWITTER have declare me insane and  THANKS TO MR. PORTER'S LIES, I will not be able to asked for donations on ANY WEB PAGE site(SEE: My Motivation as ROB PORTER LIES.... e-mail on this site).

Second, I wanted to pay other FREELANCE artists to make more of my 1000 characters into artwork. MANY of these artists are most likely to say no. This will be problematic.  I was hoping I would be using them to help designed those characters. I have 62 characters waiting to be made and NO ARTIST will draw them because of the "HIDDEN" blacklist these artists have me under thanks to ROBERT PORTER's LIES.

I was attack by his deviantArt fans and unable to defend myself on twitter because I don't have or want an account with them. This is the HOT TOPIC called cyber bullying!(Thanks, Robert).

I believe I meet the requirements for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. I have been taking pictures of the attacks on my character by his fans on this account and on twitter.  You are free to make comments but if I see the opportunity to use a comment in court I will do so.


No, I want only one thing for you to do.

SAVE ROBERT PORTER! (IF he dies not my fault)


He MUST clear these accusations I have against him. I will be suing him for $7500 on the TV judge show or $9900 in small claims court in Chicago.  I'm going to win because HIS OWN WORDS will be used against him(I don't have to speak at all - my e-mails written after Friday were designed to have his online accounts shutdown).  When I take him on a TV court show, it will be winner takes all. I will print out his artwork for RAT RAGE and WHEN the opportunity comes up, I will suggest the book be BANNED(Here's my version of "No more mr. nice guy" his statement to me in one of his e-mails).


DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER: Admit he lied to me SIX TIMES(before Sunday 11-6-11), Didn't THANK ME for PAYING HIM for the COMMISSION, didn't communicate to me about anything ex. number of other clients, ONLY did one wip.  LIE on me(I threaten his BUSINESS PRACTICE not his family).  

BREACH OF CONTRACT:  Since he states he will not do any more commissions, I cannot go after his SCAM practice(YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR CLIENTS ABOUT A DISCLAIMER THREE WEEKS AFTER THEY PAY YOU as an excuse for a LIE - when you download an update on your X-box 360 or PS3 when do you respond to the new agreement--BEFORE you download).  I will be saving Robert money by letting him correct the artwork.  Change NOVA's horns to look like Mercedes' horns of VIPER GTS OAV and put their titles, which is on MY YOUTUBE video: Wilma Sue vs NOVA, on the artwork.  That's why I asked for the artwork to be made like I did because it would be used for charity and to be the background for my YOUTUBE ACCOUNT(NOT FLAPPING MATERIAL as he stated - he's not that good).

Once he does these things, everything I have online about Robert Porter will disappear. ONLY IF HE DOES THIS BEFORE WE ARE SUMMON TO COURT.

"I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the TRUTH than adore me for telling you lies. "  Pietro Aretino.




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Clifton Hardy
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Greetings. see 250 MORE cosplaying pics: Check out.Google+ account for future pics.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If I put your picture(s) in my faves, please remind me of the picture(s) if you want to say thanks(I get so impressed by so many pics, I might forget the pic I FAVED!).

A semi-asocial.

'Justa' simple man who, a many many many years ago at Dragoncon, saw a few pretty ladies dressed up like cartoon(anime)characters. Moments later, two guys with a camera walk up on these ladies and asked to take their picture.

And SURPRISINGLY these ladies said "yes". This is when I turn to my brothers and said, "Oh!, I am going to bring a camera next time I come". Now, it has been 20 years and 1400+ pictures later since I said those words. This year made it the 20th ('04 was the only NIGHTMARE year, my middle brother and I didn't go to Atlanta's cons - would've bn d 21th).

I LOVE because this is the only site which allowed many of my pictures to be identified and for that you have my thanks.

The only thing I asked is don't insult these pictures and the cosplayers. These people took THEIR TIME and RISK RIDICULE to do something they love. I will NOT LET YOU MOCK THEM!

Being on this site and seeing the pros and amateur artists have in a SMALL way move me to WANT to draw again. But this can only be if I could in some way lose the HATRED I have for that LYING bank.

"Y d0 1 f33l l1k3 s0m3b0dy w@tch1ng m33333..."

BEHOLD 400 COSPLAYING pics all taken by me, ENJOY!

If you want to be my friend see my Flickr Profile.

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Personal Quote: I stand for TRUTH because a Lie is never lonely.


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